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About Us

Hearing Impaired Phones are our specialty. We've been selling phones to help people with reduced hearing capabilities since 2002. That's 22 year's of helping people overcome the difficulties found in standard non amplified telephones!

About Us

Elderly people as well as others with diminished hearing ( hard of hearing ) have come to trust our telephones for their communication needs.

Founded in 1986, Med-Pat is today one of the nation's leading suppliers of telephones and telephone accessories to the healthcare industry. Preeminent institutions such as Johns Hopkins Hospital, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Kaiser Hospitals, Duke University Medical Center and the University of Chicago Medical Center are among the more than 2500 hospitals and health care providers who have purchased and rely on over 5 million Med-Pat phones.

From the very beginning, Med-Pat has maintained a total quality commitment. Simply stated, our mission is to provide the best performing, most reliable, easiest to use products available. As such, Med-Pat designs, engineers, manufactures and services every one of our products.

All of our products come with a 100 percent guarantee of customer satisfaction.

This exciting line of consumer products includes several innovative designs for people with hearing impairment, a problem that affects nearly 30 million Americans. Featuring unique patented technology, these specially engineered phones increase voice sound level up to 27 db at the touch of a button. Special attention has also been paid to styling. Unlike most amplified telephones for the hard of hearing, Med-Pat engineers have created a sleek, stylish instrument that is both easy to use and complementary to any home decor.

From patient bedsides to office desks to private homes across the country, Med-Pat telephones are continuing to set standards for quality, reliability, design and value. Proven in demanding healthcare and guest services environments, Med-Pat's commercial quality telephones were introduced to the general public in 2002.

If you are looking to buy a telephone for someone that is hard of hearing or you yourself, would benefit from one of our phones please consider the following phones:

2 Can Talk 2

A telelphone with 2 handsets so two people can share in the same conversation. Talk to your grand kids, your children or important people such as Doctors and other care givers. No longer will you need to have one person off to the side missing out on a valuable conversation. This phone will make your lives happier and more a part of all the telephone conversations in your household.

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