Hearing Impaired Phones
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Our Policies


In a word: quality. We will do everything possible to ensure that Med-Pat products meet the highest possible quality standards. That same commitment extends to our customer service and the experience each and every customer has when dealing with Med-Pat.


We believe we've earned your trust and confidence. For over 35 years, Med-Pat has led the way in the design, development and manufacturing of precision telephones and telephone accessories. It is our only business. And we take pride in doing what we do and doing it well. This singular focus is reflected not only in our exceptional products but also in our total service commitment.

That means, for example, that when you call Med-Pat you will speak with a human being. Automated answering systems, while they may be economical, simply do not speak our language, or our customers.

Our highly trained service staff will make every effort to answer technical questions and explore any detail of a customer’s application before an order is placed. Our goal is to get it right the first time and make the buying decision as informed as possible.

We consider your mail, faxes and emails to be priority communications and will respond personally and promptly to every inquiry.

We will also enhance your access to our products and services through our newly expanded web site. This versatile interactive tool is designed to make dealing with Med-Pat simpler and more convenient than ever. Please visit often and feel free to provide any comments or suggestions you may have on how we can make the site more valuable to you.